Sensible management of natural resources

  • Solar panels have been installed, which will produce approximately 100% of our electricity consumption. We aim to be completely independent from the power grid.

Reducing food waste

  • Raising clients’ awareness towards more flexibility regarding size and commercial appearance of the products;
  • Tightly controling stocks aiming at eliminating excessive purchases that lead to waste;
  • Controlling the cold chain, both internally and with the carriers, so as to maximise the life cycle of the products, combining scientific knowledge and decades of empirical experience;
  • Waste-not culture. This means that any fruit deemed unsuitable for the market (for aesthetic reasons, for example) but is suitable for consumption is donated, thus avoiding waste.

Reducing non-recyclable material until it is completely eliminated

  • Eliminating coloured PET packaging;
  • Eliminating expanded polystyrene packaging;
  • Increased use of cardboard as opposed to plastic, preferably with a percentage of recycled material in its content;
  • Increased use of FSC-certified cardboard;
  • Separating and recycling cardboard and plastic.