Privacy Policy

Who we are

Fiel respects the privacy of its clients, collaborators and visitors to this Webpage, and endeavours all efforts to protect users’ information.

Why this privacy policy?

We would like our Clients and Users to be aware of our general privacy rules and how any personal data collected by us are processed, with complete respect and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, as per Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council, on 27 April, 2016.

Fiel follows the best practices in terms of personal data protection and security, having implemented an internal personal data protection system that ensures the protection of data made available by persons interacting with the Company.

Within this context, Fiel‘s Personal Data Protection Consultant is responsible for implementing and verifying this Privacy Policy as well as for defining clear rules regarding the processing of personal data, ensuring that all individuals or companies that provide and entrust us with their personal data are aware of how the Company processes such data and their rights with regard to this matter. In this way, the Company ensures that all those who provide their personal data are aware of how it is processed, and understand their rights with regard to this matter.

If you are accessing our website, providing your personal data indicates that you are aware of and accept the conditions laid down. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. By providing your personal data, you are authorising their collection, use and disclosure in compliance with the rules here laid down.

Intellectual property rights

The website contents, including, without limitations, any pictures, texts, software, photographs, sound, music, videos, interactive resources and others (“Content”), brands and logos (“Brands”), or any other intellectual or industrial property rights therein, are the property of FIEL and their use by non-authorised third parties is strictly forbidden.

The website content is made available for personal use and information, and cannot be copied, reproduced, distributed, communicated, spread, sold, licensed, or in any other way used for other purposes without the prior written consent of the respective owners. The user hereby declares that they will not use, disable or interfere with the resources related to the security of the Website or the Application.

The user may, however, print material from the Website as long as the said material is not altered, whether for personal non-commercial use, reference to the source and copyright is indicated, and as long as any other reference to property is not deleted.

None of the website’s content shall be interpreted as granting any type of license or other authorisation for its users to make use of.

The website may contain images or other materials whose copyright belongs to third parties, including suppliers or others contributing towards the creation or maintenance of the website (photos from an picture database, for example).

Contents and guarantees

The user agrees that when browsing this Website, they are doing so at their own risk. To the extent permitted by law, Fiel makes no warranties, whether explicit or implicit, with regard to browsing Fiel‘s website, and does not guarantee that the contents available on its websites are correct or accurate. Fiel will not be liable or have any obligations regarding (i) errors or imprecise content, (ii) personal damage or damage to property, of whatever nature, resulting from accessing and using the website or application, (iii) unauthorised accesses or using our safe servers and/or personal information and/or financial information therein stored, (iv) interrupting or cancelling the transfer to or from our webpages, (iv) errors, viruses, trojan viruses, or similar viruses that can be transmitted to or via the website, and/or (v) errors or omissions in the contents, or any loss or damage as a result of use of the contents published, sent, transferred, or made available through the website, (vi) non-availability or any difficulty or inability to download or access the content or any other communication system crash that may result in the website being unavailable.

Fiel is not responsible for any support or maintenance carried out on the website.

Fiel is not liable and has no obligation regarding content transferred between users, or between users and third parties not related to this website.

What does this Privacy Policy cover?

This Privacy Policy is only applicable to personal data collected and processed by Fiel.

The website includes access links to other websites that are not related to Fiel. The said links are made available in good faith. Fiel will not be held liable for personal data collected and processed by those websites, nor be responsible for the accuracy, credibility and functionality of websites belonging to third parties.

Thus, as Fiel is not liable for any links to other websites that are not related to Fiel, the present Privacy Policy does not apply to those websites.

What are personal data?

When referring to personal data, we mean any information of any nature and irrespective of the media used, including sound and image, that relates to an identified or identifiable individual.

An identifiable person is anyone that can be directly or indirectly identified, whether by reference to an identification number, or to one or more elements specific to their physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity.

Who is responsible for processing the data?

Fiel is responsible for collecting and processing your personal data. It is the company providing a service and which, therefore, decides, within the context, what data are to be collected, the manner in which the data are processed and for what purposes they are used.

The Data Protection Consultant

Should you have any queries regarding Data Protection and this Policy, please contact the appointed DPC (Data Protection Consultant) by sending an e-mail to: (Write ‘Personal Data’ in the subject of the e-mail).

What kind of personal data do we collect?

In the course of its activity and once the natural person has given permission, Fiel collects the said person’s personal data, which will be processed for the following:

  1. a) Administration and management of the legal, recruitment, contractual and commercial relations established with Henrique Fiel Lourenço, Lda;
  2. b) Compliance with the legal obligations that Henrique Fiel Lourenço, Lda. is bound to under the Portuguese Law and/or under the Contract, including, but not limiting, the tax law;
  3. c) Corporative administration obligations for business improvement and continuity.

When and how do we collect your data?

Fiel may collect your data by phone, by e-mail, in person, or from our website once you have granted your permission. Personal data are generally collected online when the Client contacts us via de website contact form.

Certain personal data must be provided so that Fiel can supply the product or service requested. In this case, the Company will inform its Clients which data must be correctly and fully provided.

If you are not a Fiel client, your data will only be processed if you make them available to the Company, that is, if you subscribe to our newsletters. In that case, these Privacy Policy rules will apply.

Personal data are collected and processed by a computer in strict compliance with the personal data protection legislation, and are stored in specific data bases created for this purpose. The collected data will, under no circumstance, be used for any other purposes than that for which the data subject has given their consent.

How long do we keep your personal data?

The time during which your data are stored varies according to the purpose for which the information is processed.

There are, in effect, legal requirements that make it compulsory for the data to be stored for a minimum period of time.  Thus, and whenever there is no specific legal requirement, the data are stored and kept only for the minimum time needed to be used for the purpose for which they were collected, or later processed, or for the period of time authorised by the National Data Protection Authority, at the end of which they will be deleted.

How can you access, correct or oppose to your personal data being processed?

Under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation, the data subject is entitled to access, update, amend, oppose to, or cancel the contact data when, among other legal grounds, these are incorrect or no longer needed for the purpose for which they were collected in the first place. The data subject is also entitled to withdraw their consent at any time without compromising the lawfulness of any processing already carried out based on the consent previously given. The data subject may send an email to (writing “Personal Data” in the e-mail subject) requesting for withdrawal of consent.

You can cancel your registration or use of the website at any time, and ask to stop receiving e-mail messages. You can also delete all your personal information from our database.

If you registered to access our websites, your data will be stored in a specific user database. The data subject may, however, request that their data be eliminated, at any time, by sending an e-mail to (write “Personal Data” in the e-mail subject box).

How do we keep your data secure?

  • Access to your personal data is restricted and based on the “need to know” criteria, and only allowed for the purposes indicated;
  • Any data collected is only transferred when necessary and with the consent of the data subject;
  • Storing of highly confidential data;
  • A firewall that ensures the protection of IT systems and that will prevent unauthorised access to your personal data;
  • Permanent supervision of any accesses to the IT systems with an aim to prevent, detect, and stop irregular use of your personal data.

How can you refuse being contacted for marketing purposes?

Fiel may promote new products or services to its Clients by telephone, e-mail, SMS, MMS or any other electronic communications service, unless the Client refused such contact when providing their data.

Should you not wish to receive these communications, you may, at any given time, request that your data not be used for marketing purposes, to receive newsletters, or be included in information lists or services.

How does Fiel ensure the security of your personal data?

Fiel is committed to ensuring that any personal data made available to us is secure, and for this reason has approved and implemented strict rules concerning this matter. All those who legally access such data must comply with such rules.

Considering the major concern and dedication that Fiel has shown with regard to privacy matters, it has adopted several technical and organisational safety measures to protect the personal data made available to us and guarantee that they are not disseminated, lost, misused, changed, processed or accessed without authorisation, including any other kind of illicit processing.

For this reason, the Browser uses encrypted session storage when you fill in personal data forms, and all personal data provided are safely stored in Fiel‘s systems.

Notwithstanding the safety measures that Fiel has adopted, it is our duty to inform all those browsing the Internet that they should take further safety measures. This includes ensuring that you are using a computer and Browser with updated and suitably set up security patches, an active firewall, anti-virus, and anti-spyware, and ensure that the websites visited on the Internet are authentic, avoiding any websites you feel are not reputable.

How can you check if any changes have been made to Fiel’s privacy policy?

Fiel reserves the right to make adjustments or changes to the present Privacy Policy at any given time, and such changes will be duly publicised in the respective website.

Last updated on 16th June, 2022.

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