What we expect from our growers

There are a few things we expect from our growers that will help us grow together:

  • Superior quality fresh produce;
  • Complete understanding of the whole production process;
  • Best farming practices, preferably Global GAP certified;
  • Best social practices, preferably GRASP certified;
  • Planning and carrying out analyses to control pesticides and heavy metals;
  • Commitment with the reduction of the use of chemicals to a minimum;
  • Zero use of substances that are toxic to bees;
  • A sustainable vision for the business;
  • Sensible management of natural resources, such as water and energy;
  • Unwavering wish to create a long-term commercial relationship.
  • Health, safety and well-being

    As well as a tasty experience, we want our clients to enjoy a sound purchasing experience. From farming to packaging, we take food safety seriously.

    Would you like to grow fresh produce for Fiel?

    If you have read, agree with, and meet our requirements, please contact us at info@fiel.pt