Your natural partner

Henrique Fiel Lourenço Ltd. has been on the Portuguese food market for over sixty years. The company is dedicated to importing and exporting exotic fruits and vegetables, and has a wide range of products available.


Exotic fruit just like nature intended it to be, brought to you from all over the world. Hawaiian and Mexican papayas, mango, purple passionfruit and physalis are some of the fruits in this selection to share and enjoy with your family and friends.

Mon Petit Jardin

Treats from the best vegetable patches and orchards that our fertile imagination has to offer. Bygone vegetables revived, top quality pears and apples, or colourful sweet potatoes are some of the fables of a magic selection created especially for you.

Where to Buy

FIEL doesn't sell directly to the public. Nor do we need to... We have many business partners with the same passion and dedication that deal with that part of the business.